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Scripts & Videogames by Christophe Blattmann

Fast Housing 2.1.2

Script for 3dsMax


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Fast Housing generates an architectural structure through a custom procedural mesh object, you can change parameters and watch the results in real time. It's an easy and intuitive way to create a house at a simple level, its versatility allows you to create your own style, useful for the creation of urban backgrounds.

This script creates a FAHouse object which works as any 3ds Max object: any deformer can be applied, renderable, can be converted to mesh etc ...

Customizable features:

- Base shape: facades B and D are controlled by angles.

- Roof: break point, extensions, asymmetrics options and more.

- Terrace

- Beams

- Arch

- Surround

- Frame

- Balcony

- Shutters

- Roof windows

- Chimneys

Other features and utilities:

- Optimize geometry option to reduce the number of polygons and vertices.

- Autobackup: saves automatically all parameters in a loadable external file.

- Corner windows.

- Windows can be added horizontally or vertically.

- Every part of the house has its own material ID making the texturing easier, some parts has a customizable 

material ID.

- Some parts includes their own UV mapping and UV tiling.

- Save/Load parameters in an external file.

- Multiply all distances at once, easy way to adapt the object to your scene units.

- Copy/Paste windows parameters.

- Save/Load your own roof templates.


- By purchasing Fast Housing you will also receive Oblong & Oblong Void Primitives for free.

Feedbacks, comments, suggestions and bugs reports are welcome.


Aviable features on Demo version

Renderable object

Material ID

General utilities

Add/Remove windows

Roof customization

Windows customization

Corner windows

Stacked windows


Roof windows



Roof templates

Oblong & Oblong Void













Load only





















To install MSI file:

Double click the file and follow the steps, the script will be automatically installed in your 3ds Max,

then go to the Create tab on the right dock menu and look in the rollout list, Fast architecture should appear on the list.

To install MSE file:

Menu bar > MAXScript > run script

or,  3DS Max can also run the script automatically at start, copy .mse file in .../your max root/scripts/Startup

Notice: To install the full version you will need to uninstall trial version first.

Version 2.0.0 creates a new object type and won't replace older versions, this version and an older version can be installed at the same time.



This seccion decribes some of the features of the script for a better understanding.


When this option is enabled the script will automatically save all the parameters of your object in an external file every 3-4 changes you make in your object.

The script will creates a file per each different object name, objects with the same name will replace the same autobackup file content.

How to recover your parameters in case the script crashes and the object is lost:

First create a new FAHouse object in your scene, 'Load' the corresponding backup file and then remove your lost object.

The 'Loc' button shows the path where the files are stored in the window listener (bottom left of the screen).

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\<3ds max version>\ENU\scripts

Notice: the 'AppData' folder generally is hidden so it's possible you will need to configure your windows explorer to be able to see it. Example of a backup file name: FAHouse001_bkp.FAH

Roof templates:

First you need to press the 'Load' button to load your templates list or to create an empty one, then you will be able to 'Load', 'Add' or 'Remove' your templates.

Templates are stored in the 'FastHousingRoofTemplates.tpl' external file, the location of the file is the same as the autobackup files.

Stacked windows:

In the 'Windows add/Remove' rollout there is a After/Above radio buttons, when 'After' is selected the new windows will be added horizontally to the right of the specified window, when 'Above' is selected the new windows will be added vertically above the specified window.

Notice: In the 'Window customization' rollout 'Stack Hor Pos' and 'Stack Width' parameters have effect only when the selected windows are stacked.

Selection mode:

In the 'windows customization' rollout you can select the windows you want to work with in different ways;

- 'S' single option, select one single window from the 'From' list

- 'R' ranged option, select the windows from the 'From' list to the 'To' list

- 'M' multiple option, select individually multiple windows, select from the 'From' list the windows you want to add or remove to the field selection. The 'X' clears the field.


Known issue:

- Issue with Distributes Rendering, objects don't appear.


Version 2.1.2


- The 'Create Materials' option work fine with 3dsMax 2021

- Error frame option when there is no selected window.


Version 2.1.1


- Issue displaying UI within 3dsMax 2019 and 2020.

- Window list error when using the 'undo' button.


Version 2.1.0

New Feature:

- More options for the frames design.


- Frames with arched windows in facades B and D now work properly.

- Error when unchecking chimneys options.

- Roof and roof windows now behave properly when the roof is turned invisible.

- Glitch with corner windows and wall interior thickness.

- Windows Copy/Paste now works properly with Selection Mode M.

- Windows list now updates properly when an 'Above' type window is added.

- Some UI behaviors in general.


- Objects created with version 2.0 can be opened with this version.


Version 2.0.1


- When trying to add a window where there is no space to do it, the window is not added in the 3d but it was added to    the windows lists and may cause an error if it was selected.


Version 2.0.0

New Features:

- Facades B and D are controlled by an angle.

- More roof design options.

- Stackeable windows.

- Roof windows.

- Chimneys.

- Optimize option.

- Autobackup option.

- New selection mode.

- Save/Load roof templates options.

- On/Off option for each facade.

- Windows number references.

- Undo function works for most of the parameters.

and more...


- UI reorganization.

- New object class ID, the script now creates a 'FAHouse' object type, this version doesn't replace older versions

- Window copy/Paste doesn't consider the vertical position anymore.

- Beams have individual length for each slope.


- Several fixes in general.


Version 1.0.2

- Fixed geometrical error in BD beams


Version 1.0.1

- Fixed error when adding windows on C facade.

- Fixed error by trying to remove window when there is no window.

- Fixed error caused by "add/remove windows" interface.

- Random default color when creating material.

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