Personal Info

Name:                  Christophe Blattmann

Nationality:           French

Adress:                Mexico city



Professional Profile

Trajectory:            Starting my career 25 years ago doing 3d Architectural                                       Visualizations, I’ve also focused my skillset into the development                           of 3D animated videos, mainly designing backgrounds and lighting.

                       A few years ago I´ve specialized my skillset into developing 3d                             modeling and texturing tools

Achievements:          I’ve recently developed backgrounds for several animated

                       shorts that have been shown in public. Realization of 360° videos                           for VR display, programming of several plugins for 3dsMax currently                         on sale and videogames.

Personality:           Creative, focused in quality, delivery times and objectives,

                       team work attitude, willing to learn new technologies

                       and skills.

Objectives:            I am interested in continuing my professional development in the 3D                         Animation or Videogames fields. I like to keep actualized by                                 learning new programs and technologies, I also enjoy to mix art and                         technology.

Education and Knowledge

Professional studies:  Bachelor’s degree, Industrial Product's Definition

                       Lycée Professionnel Epluches (Epluches, France)


                       Professional studies, structure drawing

                       Lycée Professionnel Ferdinand Buisson (Ermont, France)

Software:              3d Studio Max (advanced), MaxScript (advanced), VRay                                       (intermediate), After Effects (intermediate), Unity 3d                                     (intermediate), Photoshop (intermediate) Autocad (intermediate),                           Java Script (intermediate), C# (intermediate) ,  Maya (novice),                           Blender (novice), Python (novice)


Languages:             French 100%, Spanish 100%, English 75%

Work Experience

February 2021          Workplace: Freelance work

to present             Type: Architectural rendering, plugins programming for 3ds Max

                       Achievements: Making of a 3dsMax plugins currently on sale.

                       Currently learning C++


2018 to                Workplace: LocLab Consulting GmbH

February 2021          Type: Architectural and engineering project interactive 3D                                     visualizations

                       Achievements: Rise of the 3d department productivity through modeling                         and texturing tools I created.

2007-August 2016       Workplace: KidZania de Mexico

                       Type: Entertainment Park

                       Position: Senior 3D Designer

                       Achievements: Background design and lighting for 3d

                       animated shorts and 3D interactive apps made with Unity.


2003-2007              Workplace: Freelance work

                       Type: Painting

                       Achievements: I had the chance to develop a series of

                       paintings and living of it. I also made a mural for

                       the “Downstair” bar (Mexico city)


2000-2003              Workplace: La ciudad de los niños (now KidZania)

                       Type: Entertainment Park

                       Position: 3D Designer

                       Achievements: Modeling and architectural walkthrough.


1999-2000              Workplace: Sincronia Visual

                       Type: Videos and multimedia

                       Position: 3D Designer

                       Achievements: Development of promotional videos,

                       video editing, CD-ROMs development.

Others Activities

2021                   MaxScripts Development currently for sale:

                       -Universal Customizer

2018                   MaxScripts Development currently for sale:

                       -Fast Housing

2017                   Neon Maze, puzzle game made with Unity actually on sale

2015                   MaxScripts Development currently for sale:

                       -Fast Architecture

                       -Oblong & Oblong Void Primitives


2008                   Collective painting exhibition at Centro Cutural La

                       Tallera, Museum Casa Estudio de David Alfaro Siqueiros.

                       (Cuernavaca, Mexico)


2003                   Mural Development for the “Downstair” bar. (Mexico city)


2000                   Interview for the Paula magazine as a plastic artist.


1997                   Individual painting exhibition at the Camara Franco-

                       Mexicana de comercio e industria.

                       (Mexico city)


1996                   Painting chosen for the cover of the veterinary

                       magazine Ammvepe.


1993                   Collective painting exhibition “Salon des seigneurs de l’art”.

                       (Aix-en-Provence, France)


1992                   Collective exhibition “Salon des independants”.

                       (Paris, France)