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Neon Maze 1.0

Neon Maze is a puzzle game, the goal is to lead a ball through a maze to his exit.
Sounds simple? Well... it's not.
You can interact with the ball through some environmental elements, it can be pushed away or pulled from specific points, you can rotate it around the swivels, there are obstacles like tunnels, desviators, destroying walls, bouncing walls and more...
This game is about anticipating your moves, geometrical visualization, precision and having fun!
There is a total of 96 levels divided in two groups: The first group is a progressive level difficulty, tutorial-like, the levels need to be completed in a specific order, if you are stuck you can watch the solution. The second group is the real challenge, you have more freedom to choose wich level to play, no solution available! :P

List of elements you can use to interact with the ball:

-Push away button

-Pull from button

-Swivels, rotate the ball around it


List of obstacles elements:

-Destroying walls

-Bouncing walls



-Desviator sense inverters

-Some buttons need to be enabled before to be used

-Button function invertor (push/pull)

-Silent zones, enable or disable buttons and swivels


Languages: english, french, spanish

Music and sounds settings aviable.

Scripts & Videogames by Christophe Blattmann

Free download

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